Company profile

    Shanghai runhai flourishing storage equipment co., LTD. Is engaged in various production now tastes selling storage warehouse, libraries and other display, flow, storage facilities, and all kinds of steel structure, non-standard equipment manufacturing company, main products are lightweight, medium volume type, weight, and so on many kinds of shelves, revolving cars, workstations, tool cabinets, knife (work) with car (frame), filing cabinets, change clothes, storage tank, etc. Series of products, and can be optional cargo pallets, box, hanging shelves, revolving boxes and other professional accessories, to meet the different requirements of customers. Company is located in Shanghai jiangqiao industrial park, covers an area of 10000 square meters, with shear, bending, stamping, welding, spraying, paint, coating, etc. A full set of production equipment and computer network development, design and other office facilities, with medium and senior talents of multi-disciplinary, in design, chose the industry forefront design structure, such as: steel plate bending forming structure, no screws can split clamping structure, ABS antistatic die-casting door, reliable smart slide rail system and so on; In the manufacturing, strictly adhere to the industry standards for manufacturing, welding and assembly, and the use of the most advanced steel phosphating and then static powder spraying technology, product corrosion, rust, good texture. The company can be combined with the customer's site space and special requirements for use, to provide customers with personalized design, achieve reasonable layout, smooth process, first-class environment effect.